Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Art for Adoption

Our dear friend Robyn has painted some beautiful pieces of art. They are currently on display at Mayflower Arts Center in Troy, Ohio. They can be purchased by called the Arts Center at (937)552-5848.

100% of sales are being graciously donated to our adoption of "Mickey". Check them out!

Dream Love Hope Bloom  10x10  $90

Coming up Roses  10x10  $100

Rose of Sharon  12x12  $100

Reborn  12x12  $125

Even So Come  12x12  $125

Daffodils  9x12  $90

The Hills Are Alive  14x18  $150

Dance of the Fireflies  10x10  $125

Arise Shine  12x12  $125

Portrait of a Child  8x10  $100

Turn to the Light  11x14  $150

Call of the Wild  9x12  $ 100

Queen Bee (Guardian of the Night)  11x14  $100

Abiding Beauty  9x12  $100

My Soul Waits  12x12  $75

Hydrangeas  9x12  $45

Unfinished Angel  12x12  $75

Loved  9x12  $90

Sisters by the Sea  9x12  $90

Rising  6x6  $45

A Gathering of Wildflowers  9x12  $90

Thanks for looking!

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